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"A people's art is the genesis of their freedom."

Claudia Jones

About Us

The Claudia Jones School for Political Education (CJSPE) is a grassroots organization committed to enriching the political perspectives of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan community. It strives to be a force in the fight against injustices of a racist ruling class engaged in relentless class war against the working poor whose labor is the source of capital that is used against the same workers in furthering their exploitation.

Informed and engaged inhabitants of the D.C. metropolitan have to confront problems on three levels: local, national, and international.  These often manifest as intricately linked problems of unemployment, homelessness, schoolteachers having to buy supplies out of their meager salaries, treatment of undocumented immigrants, racism, police brutality, sexism, and cultural parochialism, while public funds are channeled to pursue imperialist policies justifying incredulous military spending to maintain its hegemony and dominate the global economy.

The Claudia Jones School for Political Education creates opportunities for the community to explore complex issues of intersectionality by engaging workers and intellectuals from trade unions, organizations fighting racism and police repression, progressive cultural organizations, and academia.The Claudia Jones School organizes forums for creating, strategizing, and acting on opportunities. The School is consistently on the side of those who must work for money rather than for those whose money works for them. It is committed to exposing the untenability of the contradictions of an advanced capitalist country where nearly 50 million of its inhabitants suffer from hunger.

CJSPE stands in solidarity with all struggles for justice and peace around the world. The School is a place for ideas to take shape and turn into movements against exploitation, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and discrimination.