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Here you can find links to our previous webinars and in-person event recordings. It’s time to learn together!


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The Role of Black Journalism in the Struggle for Freedom

Feat. Dr. Carole Boyce Davies, Jarvis Tyner, and Amandla Thomas-Johnson

Feb 17, 2022
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Nicaragua: What We Saw, What's Next

Feat. Margaret Kimberley, Jemima Pierre, Luci Murphy, Terri Mattson, Fred Morris, Arjae Rebmann, Fiorella Isabel

Jan 30, 2022
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DMV Youth Reportback From Nicaragua

Feat. Julie Varughese, Chris Guevara, Wyatt Reed, Garrett Harris, Makeda Sheffield, Nico Torronte

Dec 12, 2021
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State of Black Liberation Panel

Feat. Aaron Booe, Jacquie Luqman, Sean Blackmon, Jared Ball, Yvonne Bramble, Quiana Johnson, Kevin Cramer, Jr. 

Nov 16, 2021
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Maida Springer Kemp: Labor Organizing with a Heart for African Freedom

Feat. Paul Prescod, Yvette Richards, and Christina Springer

Nov 08, 2021
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